Heart Work with Bilal Samadhi

A path to healing the heart and cultivating its immense power

Heart Work is a hub for self-development…a circle of encouragement and motivation. Through Heart Work sessions, media and gear, we can tap into the livity as we do the works.

Exploring two aspects of the heart, these being grace and power, we will delve into ideas, exercises and tools for alignment, creating a space where like minds can connect, share, and encourage one another.  

Join me on this path to restoring the heart and cultivating its infinite power and discover a new you.

Medi Music

This is a collection of powerful Hi resonance music. This music will help align us with the high vibrations emanating from the divine realm. With a combination of meditational instrumentals from The Suns Of Light, Hak Samadhi and I you will feel the mystic essence reverberate through your speakers. Use these as the soundtrack to the Heart Work we are doing.

Heart Work’s – Medi Music



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